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According to what has emerged, Twitch has decided to implement a new strategy for payment concerns aimed at streamers around the world. With an application roadmap that will proceed in stages and will also affect Italy

Especially since the outbreak of the pandemic, the live streaming universe has experienced unprecedented success. Obviously, it’s the host TwitchProprietary platform the amazon which managed to combine the skills of streamers with the needs of users, creating a product that still performs at a very high level today. And it doesn’t seem to want to stop, quite the opposite.

New rules are coming on the Twitch front. Now requires less revenue to earn through subscriptions (Adobe Stock)

It has been talked about several times Earnings of streamers, to the surprise of many due to the rather high statistical hype. Results from advertising as well as subscriptions, donations, sponsorships and more. And something will change soon, at least according to what has emerged. It looks like Twitch has made up its mind Halve the threshold for payment Per I am the content creator.

On Twitch, here’s what changes with streamer pay

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Here’s what you need to know (Adobe Stock)

More benefits for streamers Twitch. The Amazon-owned platform decided to halve the streamer payout threshold. If by now both partners and associates need to reach at least $100 to be able to collect fees from subscriptions, it will soon be enough. Have $50 “on hand”. A solution specifically designed for small manufacturers, who will often be able to take money home.

At the roadmap level, we start from July 15, 2022 Italy, Argentina, Japan, Mexico, Spain and Taiwan. From now until November, we will then proceed in phases with all other countries where the service is available to achieve full coverage. A choice of Twitch that was probably made to respond to their many streamers Fear of their meager income. A change in strategy will lead to multiple benefits, even immediate and for all to see. We will see how the innovation is received.

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