Twitter adds new space recording and management tools as it continues to focus on audio options


I’m not sure Twitter space will ever become a thing, but Twitter itself seems convinced that there is potential for greater growth, as evidenced by the constant pressure to add more content to its Spaces offer, to lure more listeners to its Spaces tab and increase the number of listeners in its audio broadcasts.

This week, Twitter rolled out another set of space updates, including permanent recordings (as opposed to deleting after 30 days), the ability to save recordings after a broadcast, and new details in the space bar at the top of the app.

First off, on Permanent recording – After initially launching its space recording feature for all users in January, Twitter is now extending the lifespan of those recordings beyond the initial 30 days.

This will give you more power to engage the audience in the long run and keep your conversations alive in the app.

In addition, Twitter is also adding New list of places you recorded In your app settings menu, where you can replay each session, delete the ones you don’t want to keep, or share a recording directly from the list.

It will enhance the functional quality of space chats, make them more like podcasts, and be another vehicle for ongoing promotion and audience building – although it may also go against making audio platforms like Clubhouse so attractive to start with. , That they were live, in-the-moment chat that you have to be there to catch.

But the podcast is clearly based on the more angles that Twitter is going now This is the example screen Another new test on the back of the app.

Twitter space station test

As you can see in these images (shared by App Researcher) Alessandro Paluzzi), Twitter is also developing ‘Stations’ in the Space tab, which will include podcasts in its audio stream, providing more options to tune in to on-demand audio content within the app.

This could make Spaces recordings even more valuable and potentially help Spaces broadcasters translate their work into a monetized podcast process – but do Twitter users really want to tune in to podcasts from the app? I mean, we have Spoitify and Apple Podcasts and a variety of other options available.

Could Twitter really be a core hub for audio content like this?

In some ways, this may seem unnecessary, but then again, the real-time nature of tweets lends itself to temporary discussion and it can create a good hub for this type of discussion and content, including space, space recordings, podcasts. , Etc.

And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. It just depends on whether Twitter users will come to rely on the app for their latest podcast content.

On the other front, Twitter will now enable iOS users to record a space when the broadcast is over, even if they don’t hit the ‘record’ during the session.

Twitter space recording

This means that the ‘REC’ marker was not present during the session, warning participants that it is being recorded, which can be problematic for some contributors.

In some ways, it seems that Twitter initially did not offer these options because it thought it would not be able to facilitate the data storage needed to hold many recordings in its data bank, but now, with very few people broadcasting, it is likely to be a No problem.

One kind of ‘glass half full’ material, I guess.

Finally, Twitter’s too Adding new details Space bar on AndroidWho is hosting, hot topics, who shared a tweet in chat and much more, including scrolling insights.

Twitter space info

This can entice more users into the session – or at least, provide more, bigger information, drawing more attention to the space bar at the top of the app.

Again though, I don’t know. Going by the number of participants in the space stream, space doesn’t really seem to be catching up. And while the addition of podcasts can be interesting, I don’t see Twitter becoming a core app for audio content, especially since the clubhouse-led audio trend is declining.

But perhaps the engagement numbers are better than they seem. I mean, you have to assume that in terms of Twitter’s ongoing investment in effectiveness – via Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal Note last monthThat was not the company It hits mid-milestones in its growth plans based on investments in new functions such as Space, Community and Twitter Blue.

Twitter hasn’t shared specific data, so maybe there’s a lot more to it, and that’s why it’s eager to move forward with more space tools. Either way, it’s giving it the best chance of success, and it’s apparently not yet done with its space development.

That, eventually, space will become a thing? Only time will tell.

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