Twitter: An app unmasks thousands of profiles that’s all the rage



Twitter is not having the best time of its life lately, as besides the emergence of Mastodon and Elon Musk’s unclear decisions, verified fakes are seriously threatening the platform’s functionality.

But luckily there’s a cure for everything, which is why a new algorithm could be the godsend we’ve all been hoping to see one of these days. How will he be able to recognize the fake blue dot?

Twitter: An app unmasks thousands of profiles that's all the rage
No one expected the situation to deteriorate so much –

We now know this: its role Blue stamp provided It wasn’t the best idea Twitter ever took, especially if there was no way to identify who got it legitimately and who got it in a way that everyone defines as wrong. But on balance, as can be seen, they are; No other means should be adopted.

But technically there should be a new extension to remedy this which will do the specific job of verifying the true nature of the stamp, revealing to us – through a certificate Meaning – whether it is fake or not. It’s like an algorithm that tries to detect rule breakers, rather than obeying them as it should in practice.

This, if we think about it, will become an excellent way to inform users and report them in real time if this is the case.”deserved“Or bought. It may seem silly to many, but there are none who expected such an app to come out sooner or later: let’s see it.

No more deception: eight dollars will reveal the truth we crave so much

Twitter: An app unmasks thousands of profiles that's all the rage
Twitter Verified is not working as it should –

The new application, which is actually more of an extension, is called eight dollars, and can be easily installed on Google Chrome. The developer who created it, named Walter Lim, tells everyone that it should also work on Microsoft’s Firefox and Edge, while development for Safari is underway. So it will probably come in the future.

To make it work it will be enough to download the package from GitHub, then go through the browser developer options and finally go to regular Twitter. At this point, when we try to view a verified user’s profile, alabel Which will inform us about the real nature of the sticker.


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