Twitter chirp: Will it be streamed live? Plus what hope


(Pocket-Lint) – Twitter wants to excite developers again about its platform.

The company has announced that it is bringing back Chirp, a developer conference that it first held in 2010 but has since been canceled several times. The lack of an annual developer conference – something that all tech giants hold every spring and summer – is often called a huge misstep by social media companies and has probably added fuel to the already rocky relationship with developers.

But Twitter now seems ready to correct any mistakes. Here’s what you need to know about Chirp, including when and how you’ll be able to view it online.

What is Twitter Chirp?

Twitter Chirp is the developer conference of Twitter. It was first held 12 years ago. But the last time the company hosted a live developer conference was in 2015 and the name of the conference was Twitter Flight. The chiropractor will be held in private in San Francisco, California and will be live-streamed online for anyone to watch in their spare time.

Registration for Chirp will open soon – Via Twitter’s developer website.

When is Twitter chirping?

Twitter has not yet announced when it will hold the chip, but it does encourage you to sign up (Here) Be the first to know Chirp updates with registration reminders and conference details.

How to view Twitter chirp online

Twitter said it plans to stream the keynote live and post all sessions online after the event. Pocket-Lint will embed the live-stream video here once it becomes available.

What to expect from a Twitter chirp

For developers

The conference will include a keynote address for consumers and developers. It will also have the opportunity to meet with the Twitter development platform team to ask technical sessions and questions for participants in person. Meanwhile, Community Meetup Group Chirp will host the following regional events. Through a Twitter space, the company has made an announcement Developer Challenge Including a prize of 520,000.

In a blog postTwitter discusses why it’s bringing back Chirp and what it means for the developing community:

“On Twitter, we’re committed to creating a way for developers to improve their Twitter experience, drive community connections, create inspirational conversations and empower developers to make a difference … Chirp Developer Conference Enables; launches the Chirp Developer Challenge to inspire and reward innovation; and keep up to date with our developer website updates to help keep the community moving. “

For consumers

Twitter will probably preview new features that make it work and discuss any upcoming changes to its app. It will be interesting to see if this opens up more to third party developers – as it could use a lot of new experiences and cases for Twitter. The company did not say exactly what key notes it would use, but a quick look at our Twitter hub shows that it is testing a number of features, including the recently announced long-form blogging note, so some of it will probably take some stage time at Chirp. Drink.

Written by Maggie Tillman.

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