Twitter has launched the ‘Campaign Planner’ platform to support advertising strategies


After testing it for the past six months, Twitter has Announcement The official launch of its new ‘Campaign Planner’ platform to support your Twitter advertising strategy.

Okay, probably not yours, because it’s only available to start with managed partners. But Twitter wants to expand access to the tool over time, which can provide valuable insights into your Twitter advertising strategy.

Campaign planning enables Twitter advertisers Predict the outcome of their campaign before launching on the platformThrough a range of guessing tools based on the variables you entered.

As you can see in this example, Campaign Planner is capable of fOrecast Rich, Impressions, Average Frequency and CPM based on your selected parameters, while it provides insights into budget requirements and possible outcomes based on Twitter’s database.

And if you’re happy with a campaign forecast, you can also launch your ads directly from the app.

Twitter Campaign Planner

Insights are based on conjecture, so they may not be 100% accurate, but they are ideally enough indicators to value your evaluation, which can help guide your Twitter advertising process.

But that’s the real value, or not, here. If these predictions turn out to be very accurate, it can be a great addition – but if they are not good for most advertisers, then the guess is not worth much.

In the test, Twitter partners reported good results with prediction tools, which is expected to be a good sign.

And there are many more – as explained by Twitter:

Over the next month, we’ll expand the campaign planner to provide more objectives and more market support and enable plan comparisons to help evaluate the best campaign settings for your goals. “

At the moment, as mentioned, campaign planners are only available to them Advertisers operating in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan who spend a minimum of $ 1000 (or local currency equivalent) per campaign.

So it’s probably not available to you yet, but again, Twitter will see the tool expand and it could become a valuable planning platform over time.

You can read more about Twitter’s Campaign Planner platform Here.

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