Twitter: If you do this you will be blocked immediately, be careful not to



A surprising move that will certainly cause discussion. One of the new rules implemented by Elon Musk on Twitter could lead to an immediate ban. Here’s what you shouldn’t do to avoid losing your account

In the past few weeks, Elon Musk Completed its acquisition Twitter. A discussion that has generated much discussion, and will continue to do so. Not so much for how it unfolded, but for the steps the South African billionaire wants to practice. He has already chatted Termination of certain historic employees of the company, which was part of the “upstairs”.

Twitter 20221107
Twitter has an action that is strictly prohibited, it risks being banned (Adobe Stock)

But the changes also raise concerns about regulation and what users can and can’t do within social networks After completing the acquisition, Musk himself said he wanted to return to the platform Freedom of expression. But the latest decision seems to go against the trend. By doing this you will come permanently locked And immediately.

Twitter, if you do this you will be blocked immediately

Twitter 20221107
Elon Musk can’t be disguised (Adobe Stock)

Keep track of the latest decisions made by Elon Musk per Twitter, because they can directly affect your account. The South African billionaire immediately decided to change some of the platform’s general rules with a plan, a modus operandi that could be quite restrictive. There’s one thing in particular that you absolutely must not do for any reason in the world, or else you’ll be at risk Banned forever.

In particular, it appears that several accounts – verified and with a blue check – have been deactivated Elon Musk has expressed himself. A sort of protest, implemented by some accounts against the fact that, for a few days, it is necessary Pay a monthly fee Make sure there is a blue check mark next to your nickname.

A well-known American comedian was targeted, but other prominent profiles who changed their names and profile photos impersonated Elon Musk. decided As already discussed, and not a little. Among the main criticisms, the phenomenon of enforcing a restrictive rule against the desire to restore freedom of expression within social networks. We will see in the coming months if and how the situation develops Changed by the founder of Tesla.


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