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Tweet only with the proprietary “cherchie” of amici friends, for a maximum of 150 users, one of them is like the functionality of “amici stratti” on Instagram: in this mod, even on Twitter it is possible to send tweets publicly to “massi” ”E quali no. Let’s find out what happened.

Twitter Circle 5 Maggio 2022
Twitter introduces “Circle”, the new functionalization that allows you to create a registered website, now with a maximum of 150 users –

Si chiama “Twitter Circle”And consent in the near future 150 persone tra i propri contatti (o followers) more often than not, how can we visualize our tweets in maniera, potremmo dire, exclusive and, in sobriety, the altruism of the modalities of modality ”Privata“It simply came to our notice then.

This is a new functional solution Twittermuch like a quella che Instagram in Italy ha battezzato “Amici Stretti”E che la società ha presentato attraverso il proprio account ufficiale Twitter Safety.

“Alcuni tweet sono per tutti – ha annunciato Twitter – mentre altri solo per le personone che hai scelto. We are testing Twitter Circlewhich allows you to aggregate up to 150 people who possibly see and understand languages ​​that can be shared with a more public ristretto. Alcuni utenti possibly to initiate the creation of the proprietary circus oggi! ”.

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

Nuovo Twitter Circle 5 Maggio 2022
The new function is not available for every social network account –

In addition to the possible selection of a total of 150 contacts to create the property of “Fidati”, Twitter Circle agreed on the most frequent tweets. non condivisibili o, meglio, non-twittabilieven if the functional screenshot, admiration, continuity will not be inhibited.

We will, of course, make it clear that there is a public register and a number of “convictions”, as well as all possible internal circles. Signal rituals are not idonei in response to our tweet.

In addition, a volta inclusions all internally in a circle, Not possible in autonomy, be sure to request the creator of the cherry on the venereal remissi. Alternatively, “Comunque possible rendere”muta“A discussion took place on its own, in a way that is not very active coinvolti.

Twitter Circle is available for this version desktop on Twitter for the mobile version iOS ed Android Anyway, at the end of the day, just for some users – a little bit of results, a lot in the form. randomica – That might be possible unlo solo circle ciascuno.

All the benefits, dunque, the functionality should be considered considerably more. sperimentale and simply search for this term by default from your default account on all social network accounts.


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