Twitter makes mistakes with some cuts




Last week the offices were chaotic TwitterBecause after acquisition Elon Musk On the platform side, mass layoffs began to be reported that were particularly aimed at Spanish-speaking regions. And now a few hours into the future, it appears that some former employees were contacted because of the mistake.

According to what the media says Bloomberg, the company made some mistakes in the selection of users who should leave their jobs, since emails destined for 3,000 people were further programmed. Some even assumed it was due to the new directive, but that would really be another matter.

The main victims were employees in the communications and human rights areas, which may make some sense, given that Elon Musk Disagree with the marketing part. For his part, he mentioned that he was coming to give the platform a twist, but many did not expect that there would be a massive layoff among them.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the only social network that is facing the withdrawal of its employees, since Meta will also reduce employees for various expenses. The limited success of Metaverse is really talked about, so with this failure you need to reconsider the action to follow so as not to lose the investment.

Through: Bloomberg



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