Twitter shareholders approved Elon Musk’s buyout




This was also mentioned a few months ago Elon Musk I was eager to achieve Twitter, this led him to make an offer for a share of $44,000 million, which led the company to consider the deal. And now, the company’s shareholders have given permission to move forward with the decision, but apparently it may be too late to materialize.

Let us remember clearly musk Originally offered to buy Twitter In April, which the company agreed to after somewhat brief consideration, shareholders initially tried to block the purchase. Then a couple of months ago musk The company withdrew the offer to buy because certain laws were not met.

When the announcement of this approval of purchase comes musk y Twitter There is currently an ongoing case, which will begin in October. Twitter He filed the lawsuit shortly after Musk withdrew his offer to buy the company, though he made it clear that he would be open to returning if the deal ultimately moved forward.

Given this, musk Has not commented on any kind of statement on the matter, but the case is likely to continue, as things have not changed on the platform with additional bots in recent months. Undoubtedly, in other circumstances they could be favorable, but at this point, it seems that the billionaire is not interested in acquiring.

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