Twitter, the non-paying option exists and is available for all to see, you don’t need to subscribe



It’s still been a few days since Elon Musk officially took the helm at Twitter, and there’s nothing but talk about what’s already begun as a great revolution in the wider world of social media. The owner of Tesla and Space-X has always been very active on the platform, expressing his ideas about how to operate without filters and how he wanted the social network to be where everyone wants to share ideas and more.

Every social media, since its appearance in the internet world, has represented a real change in the way of communication, becoming something that has entered the lives of millions of people. Originally born to “test” the power of the Internet to connect and communicate with large numbers of people in the shortest amount of time, social media soon became the main character in our daily lives.

Twitter Shutdown (Canva Photo)
Twitter Shutdown (Canva Photo)

It must be said, for weeks we’ve been talking about nothing but Twitter and its new owner, Elon Musk, who, after months of negotiations and second thoughts, officially bought the platform at the end of October for $44 billion.

Mastodon, the free Twitter alternative

The arrival of the tycoon at the head of social media, who in recent years has been somewhat overshadowed by Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, has certainly ushered in a new era, which we are waiting to understand where the world of the web and social media will lead.

As you can imagine, the boss of Tesla and Space-X has been talking about himself since implementing the first steps in his new company and, starting with the layoffs, he made it clear that the change began immediately. And if it still makes people argue Numerous work-related questions arise In the old Twitter organization chart, users are sharing other important tidbits related to the use of the platform: Enter a subscription to get (or keep) the blue check of profile verification.

Mastodon (image taken from the web)

There are many users who did not like the inclusion of this novelty, and this is often the case in the social world Migration to other platformsAnd. The question of many people registered on Musk’s social network is which similar and more “free” option might be the most usable. The question brought several answers, including the platform born in 2016 MastodonWhich is seeing growing membership, as reported by Adnkronos.

Why is Mastodon interesting? Similar to Twitter, but with no ads and best of all you pay nothing for the service. Life is a process thanks to social networks Crowdfunding And thus “Mastodon is the largest decentralized social network. It is part of Fediverse, an international community More than 5 million subscribers is distributed About 12,000 independent servers that aim to put the social network back into the hands of users. Unlike traditional social networks, it is open source”. Tweets in social networks are called toots and the length is a predictor. Maximum 500 characters. The platform was born as a social network where you are free to manage your profile, maintaining high attention to avoid any kind of discrimination.


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