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The bombing of Twitter at the hands of Elon Musk has had the desired effect, an explosion of news that echoed around the world. But in the end it can be a lot of chat about nothing.

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I I l Washington PostIndeed, he has raised serious doubts about the successful completion of the deal, reporting that Elon Musk’s $ 44 billion deal is “in danger.” An indiscretion from the three clues, so many anonymous sources, from which they make an experiment Earth and the world.

Elon Musk has reportedly stopped engaging in some discussions about funding for the deal. The South African tycoon, who holds Canadian citizenship, was accompanied by others such as Primus Inter Paris of the United States, venture capital firm Andresen Horowitz, Fidelity, and Larry Ellison of the cryptocurrency exchange. Binance And among Qatar’s state-owned investment firms who have invested billions as part of the effort, they thought of taking social networks with so many fashionable birds outside of Italy.

Who has to pay one billion dollars?

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The idea that a “drastic” aspect of the deal is about to change is probably due to concerns over Twitter’s data. Spam e Bot Not verifiable on the platform.

The report comes hours after Twitter called a conference with the media to explain the blocking of data and technology in its spam account. Bot They go well, creating a showdown between the company and its new owner.

It’s been almost a month since the Twitter Mask team was given access to a data “fire pump” to back up its claims. Robots account for less than 5% of the daily active users. This access was only opened after a tweet from Elon that the deal was “pending” and that Musk’s own lawyers sent a letter stating that the company was “clearly violating” the acquisition agreement, denying him access to the data.

From Twitter Continues to say that it may not be possible for external sources to verify their calculations, as this requires access to information, including account data, which cannot be securely shared.

Breaking the deal to buy from Twitter Elon Musk This would mean that someone owes someone else one billion dollars, as mentioned in their original contract. But that is another story.

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