Twitter users and brands share insights on how to get involved in key identity issues [Infographic]


Studies have shown that Z consumers Looking to spend with a growing brand that takes a position on social issuesSocial media platforms provide a way for businesses to connect with their respective brand communities and use their voices to support relevant causes and movements.

It is directly related to identity, and how people choose to align in political and cultural matters, and it is important that brands consider how their core message and subsequent actions support their beliefs and position in different ways.

To gather more insights on this topic, Twitter recently partnered How to explore OMG research Conversations about identity Managed via tweets.

Such as Twitter:

When it comes to serious issues like racial justice, gender equality and climate change, people on Twitter not only welcome brands into this conversation but they expect to speak on behalf of their followers and others who share their values.

Again, the advent of social media has changed the way brands connect, which has also changed consumer expectations about what they share and how they work in support.

An important consideration for all brands – see Twitter’s insights below.

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