Ubisoft responds to rumors of making a Blade game


Recently actor Dr Alex Martin Release some pictures that prove a game the blade of Marvel, suspiciously known to them after deleting their photos. And although everything was quite clear, in the end it turned out that the company is not working on such a project, a statement that was published on social networks.

Specifically, they did it by TwitterWhere their message is sorry to deny the rumours, but they are not currently working with another franchise Disney Even after that star wars y avatar. Instead, they show their enthusiasm for the movie of the character in question, since it was announced at an event some time ago.

Sorry to break the rumor, we’re not making a Blade Game, but can’t wait to see what our friends at @MarvelStudios have in store for next year’s movie!

As already mentioned, for now Ubisoft Working for liberation star wars, which promises to be an open-world experience with a new history of the franchise. In turn, they also work avatarThe next film in the franchise is all set to hit theaters worldwide this December

Through: Ubisoft


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