UK regulator seeks views on Xbox deal – Activision




Currently the market controller Dr UK Denied that they wanted a deal Xbox y Activision Blizzard, Something that has yet to be resolved so that the products of the said brand continue to be purchased in the region. And being refused, they asked the general public what their opinion was on the matter and whether they would agree with the acquisition.

In a publication on the official website of the government UK Which explains the second phase of his research, Markets and Competition Authority (CMA) announced that now everyone can have their say on the future. In theory, if the problem continues to be resolved Call of Duty It will be exclusive to the brand or not, something that could cause problems according to the company.

on its page UKIt lists what kind of problems will come with the acquisition, here you can check it:

– Impact of integration on other console gaming platforms, including:

– Activision games are becoming Xbox exclusives

– Activision Online games are becoming exclusive to Xbox

– Microsoft degrades Activision games on other systems (e.g. missing features)

– Microsoft makes Activision games more expensive on other systems

– The effect of the merger on multiple game subscriptions competing with Game Pass

– The merger’s impact on the future of cloud gaming

It is noted that the public can send their views and evidence on the matter, though CMA states that you may not be able to recognize and respond to every presentation due to the expected volume of presentations For his part, the final report will be March 1st.

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Editor’s Comment: Things aren’t going so well for Microsoft in the United Kingdom at the moment, though it’s possible that everything will continue to run its course if there’s nothing against it in general.


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