Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is free-to-keep on Steam for a limited time



Back when Fallout 4 released there were tonnes of YouTube videos showing what would happen if, for example, 1,000 Synths faced off against 50 Super Mutant Behemoths. Answering these kinds of questions is extraordinarily important, and it’s why we game on PC. It didn’t take long for a game to release that was all about pitting hordes of AI against one another: Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

It’s basically a sandbox game about creating preposterous skirmishes. There’s a huge spread of different units to choose from, everything from actual Medieval soldiers through to chickens (anyone who has played a Zelda game knows that chickens hit hard). It didn’t review particularly well at launch, but if that persuaded you not to try the game, you might as well give it a go now: it’s currently free on Steam.


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