Update to fix battery issues on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro


In the past few weeks, after the release of Android 13, there have been increasing complaints that the battery is draining very quickly and also having problems recharging it. Many users reported to us on the blog who were able to fix these issues.

Google is finally providing the first update. This is the first update after Android 13 and it brings the expected bug fixes. In the September update changelog For example, Google promises that this update will fix a bug that caused high battery consumption in the background.

First response seems Rather than being overgrown. Some say nothing has changed. I’ve also read positive feedback about bugs preventing wireless charging on some Pixel phones. Basically, one can probably come to a conclusion.

If you’re still experiencing serious bugs that haven’t gone away after the latest September update, you should probably get one Reset your device. So reset to factory settings and set up Pixel phone from scratch. That can work wonders.

It’s pretty easy with Pixel phones these days, thankfully Web tools for browsers Even with a complete re-installation of the software. The tool works with Pixel 3 or newer models, Android version 10 or higher, and requires 7 GB of free space on your computer.

Google mentions the following points in the changelog for Pixel phones:

  • Fixed an issue causing occasional battery drain from certain launcher background activities
  • Fixed an issue where wireless charging mode could not be enabled under certain conditions.

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