US police want their robots to be able to kill criminals


Although it may seem strange, some police departments today already have their own assistant robots, which are programmed with basic tasks that contribute to various offices. And while everything is completely off limits, some want this technology to go a little further, involving machines with criminals.

Its police San Francisco Recently submitted an application to the Board of Supervisors of this town. Authorization is requested here for robots to kill various aggressors, until no other alternative is available. Something that could be considered a last resort for injured officers.

This proposal was initially rejected by the reviewer, Aaron Peskin Who wrote that robots cannot be used as force against a person. Later, the police amended the draft detailing that the robots would operate only in special circumstances. In particular, where there is a risk of loss of life to members of the public or officials.

After getting the answer, I washed Agreed to accept the request of the police department San Francisco, making it clear that this is only in situations where deadly force is the only viable option. This was also approved by the committee, so the concerned members will vote November 29th Establishing the said Act only in that State Division.

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Editor’s note: We have already reached the point where machines can do justice, something that may evolve later. The question is: How are robots going to differentiate between criminals, civilians and police? Are they controlled remotely or do they have artificial intelligence?

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