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From 2024, USB-C should be the new standard connection for smartphones. The EU Parliament has now agreed to this, after negotiators in Strasbourg discussed it in June.

Update October 5, 2022:

That has since changed The EU-Parliament Agree on the same connection. Now only member states have to agree that new smartphones and companies from 2024 will have a USB-C connection The The final vote is then scheduled for October 24 So that the regulation could take effect from autumn 2024.

The following devices are affected: smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, headsets, mobile game consoles, portable speakers, e-readers, keyboards, computer mice, portable navigation systems, and earphone charging cases. It is expected that by 2026 notebooks will have only USB-C for charging.

Although most companies already use USB-C in their devices, outside Apple still uses its own proprietary connection with Lightning. So chances are growing that future iPhones will (eventually) have modern, universal connectivity on board.

Original post from June 8, 2022:

EU states and the European Parliament conducted discussions about USB-C, both with different objectives. Parliament was in favor of extending the term Connection control outside of smartphoneLike laptops, keyboards, mice, smartwatches etc.

This goal has been achieved, so standards are now much wider than previously expected. For laptops, there is a transition period to adapt the charging connections. In the future it will also be possible to buy the device, charger and charging cable separately.

Both parties agree

However, Parliament could not express itself on the question of when the new regulations would apply. It called for entry into force before 2024. EU countries on the other hand have reached their target date ie Not in 2024. Formal approval from both parties is still required, but this is considered a formality.

The EU Commission expects uniform charging sockets to be an annual outcome Saving about 1,000 tonnes of electronic waste. According to the commission, about 11,000 tons of electronic waste is generated every year from discarded and unused chargers.

The apple was ready

Apple is particularly affected by this decision, as iPhones, AirPods and other devices still have their own Lightning connectors. However, if you believe the rumors, the development for the technology group is not surprising, because Apparently Apple is already working on iPhones with USB-CWill be released next year.

Critics note that USB-C has always been the standard for electronic devices and therefore the rule is unnecessary.


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