Users discover that GTA VI maps can be bigger than GTA V




As for what will be the leaked content GTA VI, many fans began to theorize how big the map was going to be, as they saw the coordinates of the elements exposed in the networks. So now the community has gotten to work, discovering that the new installment will be bigger than it seems.

Through the story subreddit, a fan is tasked with finding out how much the map has grown. taking its coordinates the saint and aligned with its leaks Vice City Found, followers realize that they will have more space to go, something they usually do music star Improves with each release.

Here’s the combination adjustment:

I aligned the GTA V coordinates with the GTA VI coordinates found in the leak from GTA6

to its community GTA Games like to do this kind of thing when they are released, so they tried to match the mapping with the app earlier Google Earth And even draw. Most curiously, they fit almost perfectly, so it’s possible that the next pitch is the most ambitious yet.

There aren’t many updates on the title for now, nothing beyond the fact that its development continues on a schedule. Maybe next year music star Games Decide to meet first, even if it doesn’t end up happening.

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