Users filed a class action lawsuit against Ticketmaster


Undoubtedly, the entity that basically has a monopoly on organizing big events Mexico es Ticket MasterPart of a company that the eyes. And now, many users have been affected by non-arrival of refunds or sudden cancellations, for which some users have joined lawsuits against the company.

for that Federal Consumer Protection Office (PROFECO) Invites users to submit documents that can be tried against Ticket Master, everything so that they respond as quickly as possible. That way, they can accumulate as much as possible so that the demand is effective, since this is not the first time that they have cheated and the tickets also disappear in seconds.

These files are:

– Release the consent form.

– Reporting of data. Free document, signed by the affected consumer, indicating the manner, time and place of the activities carried out by the supplier.

– Additional personal information formats

– Documents that prove the cost relationship. Tickets, invoices, account statements, bank transfers, purchase confirmation emails, among others.

For now, many users have joined the collective complaint.

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