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The smartphone to call, surf, chat but not only: as an alternative to our webcam, to make video calls and video conferences, increasing – in many cases – the audio and video quality of the audiovisual experience. Here are some “tricks” and some apps that might come in handy.

New continuity camera function available from next fall 2022 –

Many of us who use computers for leisure or work, perform Video call They have to purchase an additional external device, viz webcam. The market offers all types, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, and for all budgets, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

But we have Another preferred optionStill unknown to many of us, which can be very convenient for us, save us some euros and, perhaps, increase the quality of our video conversations: or Turn our smartphone into a video camera for our computerBoth in fixed mode and in mobile mode.

So much through the device Android How much for the device iOSAnd again both if you own an old smartphone and if you have one of the latest generation, here are some “tricks”, tricks and some App Which allows us to convert our device into a webcam with a few simple actions.

DroidCam for Android and Continuity Camera for iOS (coming soon)

DroidCam 8 August 2022
DroidCam app logo for Android and iOS systems –

One of the most popular apps to turn your Android smartphone into a webcam DroidCamBoth are available play store BothApp Store For mobile devices and PC via download Official website by DroidCam. After installing the program, this is possible in a few steps synchronize Smartphone and PC and start both video transmitting and video receiving WiFi In both modes via USB cable.

for costversion for free It is “maintained” by overlay ads when purchasing editions Pro, in addition to skipping ads, it is also possible to record videos in HD quality. All functions are there, you can buy DroidCamX For Android for its price 5,20 euros Whereas, if you want to take for iPhone, the total amount of in-app purchases 6,99 euros.

beside appleInstead, iOS 16 and macOS Ventura will offer the function starting next fall Continuity cameraThrough which we can use our iPhone Like a webcam. Operational requirement only: Turn off devices without manually connecting, synchronizing, or configuring them.

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