Valorant Pro reportedly allowed her boyfriend to compete in an all-female match


Brave shot.

screenshot: riot game

On July 24, the mysterious Twitter account @nicekeybinds posted Extensive Google Docs All the women members blame MarsaXa brave Esports team Fallacy and her boyfriend Nate “Pine” Lopez fraud The accident happened During tournaments organized by Gallorants, a common room for female players and non-duos outside of it that A team of legends Riot Games is a developer of team-based games Both players have remained silent (Lopez has not responded) since the allegations surfaced my boxMarch has requested comment on the publication (and has set his Twitter to private), and Gallorants have yet to address the issue and are spending the weekend putting out the fire they started. Mysterious Clash Stars Tournament Rules And unsportsmanlike conduct It has nothing to do with these allegations.

nicekeybinds has also been silent since publishing the lengthy document he put together after seeing the book Winning stream clip was posted in March and its response was deemed disproportionately low.

“We don’t know what people are saying nothing After beating a highly respected signed team 1v5,” the document said.

He then detailed every discrepancy between the gameplay, the general Martians, and the Lopez setting that he found when comparing the shows, posting on his Twitter account. It has different shortcut keys and mini-maps with different sizes and frame rates. The document also mentions that Lopez played a ranked match with four members of Team Fallacy the day before the tournament.

“Mars is missing from this game, so maybe this list can practice together without him,” the document reads.

The tournament in which Mars allegedly cheated was a “last chance” qualifier for four teams to win an all-inclusive trip to the Astral Clash Finals in Southern California on August 6. It’s clearBut their eligibility really depends on whether or not Lopez plays for Mars, an esports personality. Jake Lucky says Riot Games is investigating this.

Fallacy The team found themselves in another predicament earlier this summer when players called a certain male player “Do not modify the binaryFor competing with them, Mars also became embroiled in controversy, writing on Discord that his team was “just trying to compete peacefully.”

Regardless of past controversiesThis new document on Mars is remarkably complex because it was written about a relatively unknown Valorant player with 136 twitches. $300 in earnings from followers and contests. But I think some people really want to go to California.

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