Valve may already be working on a new game Atomics




valve It’s a studio that hasn’t produced as many series considering its long history in the industry. However, a new record has recently been found by this company, which will give an indication In the future we will see something new from those responsible for Half-Life.

Recently, several fans found a record Valve in the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the name Neon Prime. As is usually the case in these cases, the company has not issued a statement on this information. However, the trademark was listed as “computer game software, electronic game software, video game software, computer game programs downloadable via the Internet.”

Thus, it is clear that we are not talking about some hardware. Valve hasn’t released a game since Aperture Desk Job for Steam decks earlier this year. Before that, we saw the virtual reality spin-off, Half-Life: Alix , in 2020. In related matters, this is concept art Half – Life 3. Similarly, Steam is blocked in Indonesia.


Editor’s note:

Although many are eagerly waiting for the announcement Half – Life 3, Neon Prime could be something entirely new. However, considering the latest installments of the series, we will probably see something unexpected, but happening as a franchise in the same universe.

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