Vampire Survivors, the best game of 2022, gets the latest update


There are two vampire survivors standing side by side in an essential vampire survivor industry.

Build: Bunker

So far, the bullet shooter is the opposite of hell Vampire SurvivorAnd One of the best indie songs of the yearHe had no fixed head. This is no longer the case after the latest update to add a new version of the last phase of the game.

It is still in early access and was technically first published at dusk last year. Vampire Survivor Is CastlevaniaThe game of survival. While this may sound like top-down shooting, the basic idea is not to dodge projectiles: you are shooting them, destroying thousands of enemies. And thanks to some roguelike stuff Vampire Survivor It can easily put you in this situation Five More minutes. ” Here My boxIanwalker:

Vampire SurvivorThe real energy, however, lies in the almost constant increase in dopamine. It sounds like a mobile game without all the nonsense of mobile games, or any of those mindless flash illusions you use to steal from computers in your classroom. Not only do the bad guys delight the screen, but all the powerful enemies will rarely reward you with a treasure chest that will flood you with extra items and cash to unlock in a dazzling sequence that rivals even the best loot chests.

Last Updated 0.8.0 (Correction note here), Also with shower More Things slowly Vampire Survivor Near the full version with a huge number of new skills, achievements and weapons. But the biggest change is the addition of a newly designed power amp, the Capella Magna. If you survive the 30 minute mark, E.g. Ribbed CommentsAll the enemies of the theater will become one in a huge ripper like Voltron. Dies The last boss. Once you beat it the first time, the ‘Capella Magna’ will come back easily – but still a very tough version. For your efforts, open a file Great gospel Remains that allow you to upgrade weapons beyond their maximum level.

If you haven’t played yet, Vampire Survivor Spinning is worth it. It is Game Pass is part of the PC libraryMyCrossoft’s on-demand subscription service for games. Or, that’s the original, it’s $ 3.

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