Video: Experimental macro film showcases the magic of household materials



Vadim Sherbakov, a Russian filmmaker and photographer, has released the third experimental macro clip in a series captured in the confines of his own home. Sherbakov uses a variety of inks, soaps, alcohol and other chemicals you can find around a typical household to create what he calls ‘liquid art’. His first experimental macro film in this series, Momentumwas shot with a Canon EOS R5 10 months ago. Originreleased at the beginning of this year, was the second film and was captured entirely on a DJI Pocket 2.

Today, the macro experimentation continues with Velocity. ‘This is my third project of this kind. COVID definitely sparked the idea of ​​creating the first one, because of lack of traveling. And I really enjoy creating these films, so I couldn’t resist making the third one. I hope to do a couple more by the end of the year, ‘Sherbakov tells DPReview.

Deemed ‘a colorful journey though uncharted cosmos,’ Vadim’s curiosity about how glitter would look against an array of dark, inky pigments motivated him to add it into the mix. He was inspired by distant galaxies, nebulas and other cosmic wonders. A different approach was used this time around, tilting the camera at a slight angle rather than -90º as with past experimentations.

Glitter was added to a mixture of inks, soaps, and other household chemicals to create the illusion of a galaxy.

An Irix 150mm F2.8 macro lens, set to the widest aperture, was able to give him the shallow depth of field he desired to capture the liquidity of the substances combined to create the illusion of moving through the galaxy at a fast pace. A Canon EOS R5, the same camera used in Momentum, captured 8K footage, while a combination of DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop, and After Effects was used in post production.

While we may have missed Momentumwe’ve celebrated Sherbakov’s wonderful short drone films Spirit of Altaishot on a DJI Air 2S, and The Noortaken with a Mini 2. An accomplished and award-winning aerial cinematographer and photographer, he also recently released a ‘Drone Photography Post-Production Masterclass‘For those who want to improve their editing skills.


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