Video: Fly around the inside of a dentist’s office with this one-tech FPV drone video


In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of One-Tech FPV (first-person-viewing) drone video for filmmaking and promotional purposes. Such as pilots J. Bird Christensen And Johnny FPV captures the incredible, up-close-and-personal perspective of the bowling alley and sports arena using a small drone.

Dentist SchumacherA general dentist based in Germany has hired a skilled team of pilots to create an FPV video to showcase their business. DPreview I contacted the office and found out it was Home of drones Pilots Moritz Werffeli and Laurin Göllerused who a NakeX HD BNF (Tied and fly) Scenehoop drone that carries GoPro’s Hero (this time 7, 8 and 9) cameras.

‘We specialize in all kinds[s] FPV footage and live production for sports[ing events] Including FPV drones, ‘says Warfelly DPreview. Red Bull is one of their many clients. NakeX was designed and built by a team from the House of Drones in Switzerland.

In less than a minute and thirty seconds, the video begins outside the office, in the 6102 Maltese block, flying through a van waiting outside the entrance and entering the building. After the Flight Past reception, it runs through several dental offices where you see both a child and two adults doing dental work.

Drones are known to give one a ‘bird-eye view’. In this case, with the proximity you get to dental chairs, trays, and even to patients and staff, it feels like a fly in the ointment. This is an approach made possible by a small Sinhup and skilled FPV pilot or, in this case, team.

All drones used by the House of Drones team will be available to them Website

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