Video games are coming to the first quad in history – Photos


We’re all so used to talking about the title in Triple that it probably won’t have the same meaning for developers as the product in depth, so much so that the first video game to switch to Quadruple has been officially announced. – TO

And Title AAAA, How should we get used to defining it, which is not too far in time and which actually aims anyway Come out later this yearOr thus provide an obvious pitfall to all other titles. In fact, going out this year means going out on this generation of consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, And show everyone what these products are capable of.

Video games are coming to the first quad in history – Photos

To ensure that the developers of the team Striking Distance Studio Publishers continue to work to get their game out in time after the first quarter financial report has already been suspended. Crafton Where there is a page dedicated to two very important projects: and one of these projects Callisto protocol.

Callisto protocol, the first quadruple game in history

AAA game definition is an advertising product Alto budget And usually made by some of the most well-known names in the development team. These are extreme games Familiar And that they are crushed Millions When they are made and usually when they go into the hands of the players who come to them.

Video games are coming to the first quad in history - Photos
Video Games Coming to First Quad in History – Photo (Photo: Crafton)

As reported in Crafton’s first quarter financial report, what we can expect from The Callisto Protocol is a video game that Transcends this definition of triple-A And it has become an AAAA title. So the label means the horror video game, born from the mind of the creator of Dead Space Glenn Schofield, Passed first in the level Budget Any video game has been created so far and as a result Experience For gamers it will be a long way off Higher We are used to doing that. Perhaps most strikingly, the same Crafton report reiterated how the video game’s launch window is located. In the second half of this year.

The video game, produced by Striking Distance, was first introduced 2020 And is still shrouded in mystery. In order to reasonably imagine the release approaching the holiday season, it is necessary that we finally see something different from the trailer that was released a year ago.

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