Video: History of Jesse, from the microscope to the landing on the moon


The YouTube channel DW has released a 25-minute documentary detailing Zeiss’s 175-year history, a name now synonymous with photography, although its original story began long before the camera became commonplace.

According to the details of the DW documentary, the Zeiss brand came to life in 1846 when Carl Zeiss, a German craftsman, began making handicraft microscopes designed for scientific application. Over the years, Joyce has continued to improve her products and expand her horizons, eventually focusing more on the optical component of the microscope and other instruments she and her team have developed.

From microscopes to telescopes, Jesse has led the way in various fields of science through his own work, as well as the fruits of his collaboration with her. Ernest Abbey And Auto ScottWho have helped develop countless optical innovations throughout their lives.

Although Zeiss’s inventions paved the way for new discoveries in the scientific world, as photographers we probably know Zeiss best for his camera lenses, many of which were most iconically developed during his split and followed by Zeiss’s more turbulent years. World War II.

Carl Joyce.

Jesse’s history is full of successes, but its full story is often more concise and even controversial than it is realized. The DW Documentary does a great job exploring the other world, from its humble beginnings to the history of the Deep Dive Company and its long history.

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