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The Vivo T2, a new mid-range Android smartphone with a distinctive design and attractive features, will debut in the coming weeks

Vivo Ready to increase the dose with its new series Mid-range Android smartphone New range “T.“Indeed, the Chinese manufacturer is working with roll-up sleeves to enrich its offerings of cheaper Android devices, on the contrary, the quality is increasing compared to previous releases.

A new mid-range Vivo smartphone is coming (AdobeStock)

Most interested people in the mobile sector must know that the company of Asian descent – which has been in Italy for some time – has launched a new series by the end of 2021. Live tea, Integrating its offerings for cheap smartphones. A few months later, Vivo Ready to launch next generation models in the market with the clear aim of improving its proposition by correcting some errors and raising technical specifications.

Will Vivo T2 be a rebrand of iQOO Neo 6 SE?

Vivo T2 is the new mid-range Android smartphone
The Vivo T2 may look a lot like the iQOO Neo 6 SE (screenshot YouTube)

What has been known in the last few hours, Living T2 May debut in the next few weeks and will stand as a mere rebrand of an existing device with limited marketing in the market: iQOO Neo 6 SE. This will create a close match The new smartphone Vivo The dazzling rear camera is easily recognizable by the bumper and square and clean look.

However the features should be compatible with various cheap Android smartphones already in the market. According to sources, Living T2 It could really show one LCD type display To contain the cost, though embellished by a refresh rate of 120 Hz. However, the most interesting component is the processor, which may be the final choice Snapdragon 870 Qualcomm has already seen a lot on some smartphones (incl Xiaomi 12X is on offer until May 26th On and Poco F3), or it Snapdragon 778+ That we have seen Moto Edge 30 And the latter is also predicted to debut Xiaomi 12 Lite.

Like many other mid-range Android smartphones, Living T2 Fast charging can guarantee an attractive upgrade in terms of technology 66 watt charger Within the more competitive range. Finally, in terms of price, a debut is expected – which has already been mentioned and could be implemented in the next few weeks – around ইউরো 300.

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