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Vocas has released a few accessories for the RED KOMODO including a PL to Canon R-mount adapter with supports, and a top & bottom plate kit.


Vocas side cage kit for RED KOMODO

vocas side cage kit for red komodo 0600 0105 1

The side cage kit from Vocas look very similar to the GDU Timmy Rib with a few differences.

The Vocas version already has an ARRI rosette in the center in addition to the 3/8″ & 1/4″ holes for mounting accessories. The key difference though is the additional holes on the front which allows you to mount the PL adapter support bracket.

GDU Timmy Rib for Komodo
GDU Timmy Rib for KOMODO
vocas canon r mount to pl adapter kit including support for red komodo 0900 0031 1

The Vocas Canon R-mount to PL adapter kit including support for RED KOMODO includes the PL to R mount adapter as well as the support clamp.

vocas pl adapter support for red komodo 0900 0030 a

The support clamp mounts onto the side cage kit and then clamps securely onto the PL adapter.

This is a nice solution as it means you can support the adapter without the need for rod support which would also require a base plate, keeping the unit small & compact.

vocas 0900 0031 0600 0105 ii
vocas full cage kit for red komodo 0600 0115 1
Vocas full cage kit for RED KOMODO

Finally, Vocas has also released a full cage kit which adds the Vocas top & bottom bracket to the RED KOMODO. It can be mounted pointing to the front or the rear.

vocas top or bottom bracket red komodo 0600 0110 a

It provides a number of accessory mounting points with anti-twist and mounts securely to the side kit.

Pricing & Availability

Units are expected to start shipping in 7-14 days. Here are the prices:

Komodo still MIA

Production versions of the Komodo still haven’t started shipping and it is anybody’s guess as to when they actually will. If you have been holding out from buying something else, with the intention of buying a Komodo, you may still have a long wait ahead.


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