Voice actor Yu-Gi-Oh! Tribute to the creator of the franchise


Today the world of anime and manga shows, because of its creator U-gi-oh !, Kazuki TakahashiReported Lifeless A few hours ago, an incident that occurred as a result of a diving accident. With this tragic event, thousands of fans have shared their experiences with the franchise, including the anime’s own voice actor.

Especially about it Eric Stewart, The director who has overseen several episodes of the series 4 Kids. Has taken the role Seto Kaiba In the English dub since the start of the second season, and has continued the role ever since. This actor is one of those who likes the franchise the most and that’s why he shared a message FB.

Translated here:

Dan and I were doing one of our live U-Gi-Oh duels and we were told that Sensei wanted to meet us. It was exciting that he was there to see the events. I asked what the protocol would be. Shall we shake hands, bow, talk? I mean, he’s the creator of the show! However, they told us to play with our ears and follow their lead.

After the formality and awkward photo shoot, I asked him, ‘Hey, do you want to pose with us in an anime like we do with fans?’ The translator’s eyes widened and he said to Sensei in a low voice. He laughed and said yes. Here is the photo. Not just the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh, but a fan like all of us. RIP with love Ka’ba.


Undoubtedly, it would be painful to endure this loss Takahashi It created the most famous anime in the world by creating a friendly contest for Pokemon in its time. In addition, the card game has not lost its relevance since it came to our country. And of course the company that owns it, KonamiThe legacy will continue to expand.

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