War Mongrels is a brutal WW2 real-time tactics game set on the Eastern Front



Destructive Creations rolled out an extended gameplay trailer for its upcoming Second World War real-time tactics game War Mongrels at today’s Realms Deep online event, showcasing the grim adventures of two German deserters who escape their captors and attempt to make their way away from the horrors of the Eastern Front.

War Mongrels will support two distinctly different modes of play. Players who like stealthy, strategic maneuvering can take advantage of the “planning mode,” which can be used to queue up and execute a series of commands, while those who prefer a more hands-on approach can take direct control in a twin-stick shooter-style “combat mode.” That guns-blazing option is also available as a backup when your best-laid planning mode operation goes sideways, so being spotted by an enemy doesn’t necessarily mean a reload. The interactive game world promises to provide a range of tactical options leading up and into combat, which can be taken on solo or in two-player co-op.


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