Waze: Serious bug found by users Speed ​​cameras have probably already caught you


According to what has emerged in the last few hours, the Waze app will have very significant operating issues with both Android Auto and Apple Carplay. There are already hundreds of reports from users

These days, virtually everyone enjoys – in one way or another – Infotainment system. With the technology installed by default in the latest generation cars, the user needs to connect to his smartphone to access a huge catalog Useful apps and tools

Waze bug for Android Auto and Apple Car driving

In this sense, support is mainly for two systems: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Each of these in turn boasts different applications, some of which are even familiar to smartphones. It also includes WazeAlternative navigation software a Google Maps and Maps. However, according to what has emerged in the past few hours, there will be several significant issues that users may find themselves facing.

Bugs have been reported with Waze for Android Auto and Apple Carplay

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Here are all the details

Several comments have already surfaced about the two Support forum Than with thread RedditAccording to which the Waze app will not only run but also give problems Android Auto than Carplay From Apple. Specifically, bugs will affect touch input, with delays that make the whole experience more annoying. It shows uncertainty when there is an update on the display, i.e. adding the appindication on the display.

But this is not the only reason CarplayIt seems sometimes Waze Blocks the software completely, forcing a Restart the app. To date, the cause of this annoying bug is still unclear. The good news is that everything does not expose itself to other navigation applications, thus it does not create problems when using it. it could be Apple Maps or Google Maps, you can take advantage of all the tools of the case without special worries. Now it will be up to Waze developers to find a solution, which will likely be a specially designed software update. No information has emerged about a release time, and so it will probably be needed Wait a few more weeks.

Other users have also tried to solve it in some way, probably in a short period of time. Reddit has related testimonials Rollout to older software versions, but with results that did not lead to the desired effect. It will be up to the company to reach a specific solution as soon as possible.

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