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The day has come. After multiple reports, subscription with ads is now available Netflix. Earlier in the week, Mexico and Canada were the first countries to offer this option, but now, Users in 12 different regions can already pay less, but at the cost of seeing a few ads per hour.

Considering this will be something completely new for many, Below we answer some frequently asked questions about this membership plan.

How much does it cost to level with advertising?

This subscription level costs $7 in the US, $3 less than the basic package without ads For Mexico, this subscription costs $99 pesos per month.

Will the price of other levels also increase?

noNetflix is ​​not raising the price of its existing plans.

What are all the Netflix plans?

Until now, Netflix had three tiers of subscriptions at different prices, all of which were ad-free: Basic, Standard, and Premium. In selected countries, including Mexico, An additional layer has been added: basic with ads.

Are current plans changing with ad releases?

Standard and Premium plans have not changed. nevertheless, Both Basic and Basic with Ads get 720p HD quality videos.

How do I sign up for a basic plan with ads?

If new levels are available in the country you live in, You can sign up as a new member or upgrade your existing subscription to a cheaper level

How many ads do I have to watch on Netflix?

Netflix says it averages no more than four to five minutes of ads per hour.. Ad breaks will occur before your show starts and a scene will change in the middle of your schedule.

Can I skip or fast-forward through ads?

no. You can pause the ad, but you can’t skip or fast-forward it.

Is the full Netflix library available on the Basic plan with ads?

no. The ad-supported tier doesn’t necessarily pay for any part of the catalog, but a “limited” number of titles won’t be available to watch due to licensing restrictions, Netflix said. The number of titles excluded from ad-supported subscribers is about 5% to 10% of the library, and varies by country depending on the company.

Can I download Basic with ads to watch offline?

no. With basic membership with ads you cannot download series and movies to watch offline.

Will kids get ads on the new plan?

If they’re on the kids’ profile, they won’t. Children’s profiles will not display any advertisements.

Note that Netflix chose to offer this subscription option because of the financial problems and loss of customers they have faced since the beginning of the current fiscal year. Now we just have to see if this strategy yields positive results for the company.

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