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Vacuum suction technology in the service of aesthetics. In a world devoted to technology, until now, any device can replace old habits, which are used to use their hands in the past. Not anymore

Blackhead Remover -  20220906
Blackhead Remover –

The latest gadget from that hotbed of ideas ready to turn into reality kickstarter, A US web portal created to crowdfund creative projects takes away the hideous but natural use of hands to get rid of dark spots on the skin.

is called Blackhead RemoverBlackhead detection And UV function, or more simply BL03. It will be a device that is poised to be immense in the market, if it finds the funding to match the situation.

You can even take pictures or record videos on your smartphone

Kickstarter -  20220906
Kickstarter –

It’s a device born for Remove blackheads, uses vacuum absorption technology and super suction on blackheads, whiteheads and other skin impurities. It essentially cleans pores safely, smoothing facial skin, without the dirt our hands inevitably bring to our faces. Bl03 adopts the latest industry leading technology without harming the skin.

Small and simple, it can be put in your bag and taken anywhere. Ideal for travel, it is able to detect the smallest impurities with great precision with a high resolution camera-microscope and absorbs them powerfully and locally without damaging the skin. It is also suitable for avoiding skin redness.

The blackhead vacuum cleaner, in fact, has a built-in HD 300KP camera. which magnifies the surface of the skin 20 times and can be connected to smartphones (compatible with both Android For both iOS), Of course through the app, so you can clearly see your skin condition and remove blackheads on your phone.

You can even take photos or record videos on your phone. Undoubtedly more effective than conventional facial cleansing methods. UV mode, bring strong suction for secondary cleaning, remove skin dirt from the source. Blackheads appear no matter how small. That camera is really amazing.

Ha Three different strong suction levels, with a simple click, to get a deep and real cleansing, suitable for different skin types. Soft mode is for sensitive and dry skin, Normal for neutral skin, Strong for combination and oily skin. including its use Luce is an LEDIt can narrow pores and clean blackheads thoroughly.

Twenty days after the end of the “bet”, it will be placed on the market after September 29 (the target deadline), with more than 300 supporters. Aiming to make us all clean and tidy. beautiful Joyful and happy.



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