We’ll never forget Hitman 2’s most legendary weapon: the homing briefcase



Maybe we need a museum of amusing videogame bugs. The way patches are delivered automatically these days, I fear we’ll lose busted game builds unless developers are fastidious about preserving them. Take, for instance, the homing briefcase from Hitman 2, which appeared in November of 2018. What a tragedy it would be to lose a legend like that!

Thankfully, after fixing this particular bug, developer IO Interactive later preserved it as an unlockable item. Despite the name everyone gave it—the “homing briefcase”—the core issue wasn’t the homing ability of the briefcase, exactly. Thrown objects in Hitman 2 always hit their targets, and that was intended. It was the briefcase’s leisurely airspeed that allowed it to meander around corners, like in the gif above, which was posted to Reddit by user venomousbeetle.


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