We’ve taken a fresh look at Victoria 3


To date, asset management games have been very rare, but Paradox Development Studio Continued with his project, and one of the most outstanding Victoria dA video game where we are in the 19th century, discovering areas from which to exploit goods and improve little by little as a society.

A few days ago we were able to give a hand, and I must comment that the development is on the right track, since the management of the actions is very fast, and thanks to this the quality of life is very high due to the speed. . Instead, administration is considered more outstanding, since everything has an order that makes the most onerous tasks something we will happily perform.

Victoria 3 Screenshot 5

It is worth noting that we must be aware of our units and cities, since problems can arise that go out of control and, therefore, the downfall of people can be like a domino effect. That is why it is necessary to verify the condition in which the townships of different areas are found.

Although it seems complicated to understand, diplomacy is important, since the most basic to the most complex management will depend on it, since we can acquire food, fish, minerals and other important objects for growth. Of course, it’s an overwhelming start to process all the information at first, but with time and patience it can be mastered.

Victoria 3 Screenshot 3

Almost the entire world is explorable with our mouse cursor, so you can admire the technological advances of each region, including the Americas, Europe, parts of Asia, and many historically interesting places. From the little I’ve been able to test, I think this is a release that will please fans of this upcoming release.

The title will be published pc. No release date for now.


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