What about energy? The best turbina for a few minutes! Here is the gadget tech revolution –


Amanti della vita all’aria aparta che non vogliono rinunciare alla carica dei loro dispositivi anche nel bel mezzo della natura? We don’t know, we don’t know. There is also a solution to this problem, thanks to an technically innovative and totally ecological accessory.

Shine Turbine –

The treatment of a portable turbine, the greatness of a bottle, which converts the ventilation into energy efficiently available for disposable usb like telephones, tablets, luci, droni, battery recariable. Si chiama Shine Turbine Wind Charger, è Facilitate the montare and smontare and if you can use it practically.

Shine Turbine Wind Charger, to get the equivalent of 3 equivalent telephone calls in one go

Shine Turbine Wind Charger è A caricature battery of 40 Watt caps at the top of a USB device displays, but thanks to the powerless access to a certain renewable and off-grid to query spells the potential ricarias need to be much better. .

For this disposition Shine è What is important for research, diversity, in the difficult situations in which the batteries are not able to easily retrieve easily and not in its current state, as it does not appear in the campaign.

The turbina Shine è in grades of foreign energy to some or all of the gourds and the nuts, even though it is a ponto vento che sofia (which gives cmq a sense of potency from almanac to 8 miles all – at a maximum of 28 miles all ‘ ora – perch le pale possano iniziare a girare). Since the launch of Shine è proprio quello converts the venti in energy for pottery recharicare and dispositia “in live”, opposing conservation una energize its battery internally from 12.000 mAh for a second instantaneously.

From the “pancake” of Shine, there is a USB port that can be used to collect a certain amount of energy that displays the interaction that is intended to retrieve, which can be reprinted from the turbina rip a riposo sia mentor si sta col vento.

The battery interna di Shine Turbine In addition to this, the caricature attracts a lot of prescriptions, especially in the first part of the event for the eventual excursions, and the most interesting thing is that the USB port is duplicate type, traditional and USB-C. Altissima la capacità di dissipazione del calore ed ha han una buona resistance all’qua.

The disposable pesa appena 1,3 kgThis is a small piece of paper that can easily touch the inside of a zenetto, and is much easier to install and more functional. The cavalcade on which è data does not consent to the installation of any type of terrain, even accidentally, and s resists all its agents which are the agents of the atmosphere.

It is utilized in the case of any type of active activity, such as camping, canoeing, pesca, la caccia, surf surfing, but also utility utility in the case of emerging and even disconnection from social media tutti i giorni

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