What are milliamps (mAh) and why are they important in your mobile battery?



We explain what they consist of and how mAh affects our smartphone batteries

What are milliamps (mAh) and why are they important in your mobile battery?

One of the aspects we consider when buying a mobile terminal is autonomy. We want our terminal to last as long as possible. This is why, following the marketing strategy, the company sells mobile phones to us every time High battery capacity or milliamps.

Redmi 10C

mAh measures the capacity of your smartphone

But let’s be frank. A large number of milliamps does not always equal a greater autonomy of our terminals. While it is true that the higher the number, the greater the autonomy, it must be taken into account that factors such as specific applications They use more battery than others. Other differential factors are usually Software and display optimization.

With these points in mind, let’s explain it What exactly are milliamps and what do they mean for autonomy? of our smartphones.

What exactly is milliamp hour or mAh?

Milliampere hours are A measure that we use to be able to calculate A battery supplies the voltage to our smartphone.

This unit of measurement is expressed as mAh with a capital letter A as it denotes the international unit of “ampere”. This is it Companies are seen using this measurement as Amp hours. That’s why when we look at the specifications of our terminals, it shows 4000 mAh, 3500 mAh.

Milliamp hour or mAh measures how much power our smartphones use in one hour

For more technical purposes, we can summarize what mAh measures How much energy flows through our smartphones in an hour. If we measure that a device consumes 1Ah, it will mean that it has consumed 1000 mAh. But is that really the case?

A 4000 mAh battery will not last 4 hours reason for use Devices do not always use the same amount of power. Our phone’s processor is always in charge of controlling the amount of power it uses. That’s why we mentioned at the beginning Cost depends on how optimized the device is.

Factors affecting the autonomy of a mobile phone

Based on what we mentioned above, no two devices with the same battery will last the same. We must consider the screen type. The screen is the component that consumes the most energy.

Every time the screen gets bigger, or fails, Usually the display has a higher number of pixels and resolution. Colors are more vibrant and High peak brightness for better screen viewing in daylight.

Refresh rate plays a good role in autonomy

Manufacturers, over the years, have managed to improve the usability of the device with various techniques. The refresh rate of the screen definitely makes the device consume more or less power.

What are milliamps (mAh) and why are they important in your mobile battery?

Refresh rate is very important in mobile gaming

With the advent of adaptive refresh rates, Companies control the refresh rate our terminals require at all times Depending on the content we are enjoying.

OLED, LCD. The type of screen used is also important for cost

The type of screen will also cost more or less. For example, An LCD screen will have all its pixels light when Black pixels are off on AMOLED or OLED screens Which helps them save battery.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 October 2022

Mobile phones like the Z Fold 4 have large screens, which increases battery consumption

This is why it is generally recommended to use a black background or black theme on OLED and AMOLED type screens to save some battery.

processor. Tell me how many and what kind of apps you open and I’ll tell you how much I spend

Processors are getting more powerful every year. We understand in this case that the higher the power of the processor, the higher the milliamp hours.

Although it is true that processors optimize their use more and more each year, the mobile will use more or less depending on the application we are going to open. Opening WhatsApp will not be like playing or watching a movie. In the case of the latest processors, they include low-power cores that help reduce the impact of consumption on our batteries.

Motorola Edge Ultra Processor

The latest processors include low-power cores to help conserve battery power

The same happens with the RAM of our device. Having too many applications in the background or the way the system handles applications affects consumption. Therefore, having a few apps in the background helps a bit in saving battery life.

Are you in a poor coverage area? Prepare the charger

Another cost aspect can be the coverage on our device. This is advice Turn on WiFi on our smartphone So that the device has a stable connection so that it will not consume so much amperage.

If we are in an area where the device has poor coverage, it will slowly search for a good signal. It will try to switch from 5G to 4G or 4G to 3G so as not to lose too much signal. These signal changes have a negative effect on the battery

What are companies doing about it?

As we can see, the cost will be determined by many factors that we may or may not try to address. It’s good that we learn that not all batteries are created equal.

Companies strive every year to have more efficient batteries. The trend is not to increase battery amperage but to charge faster.

What are milliamps (mAh) and why are they important in your mobile battery?

Xiaomi’s 120W charge promises to fully charge the mobile in half an hour

Thanks to the new type of fast charging, we can even fully charge certain mobile phone batteries in 20 minutes. With loads like this, We can calm down in terms of eating. Just by having a plug nearby, we can enjoy a full charge within minutes.


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