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Mountain View Giant has made Android Auto disappear, a function that no longer works on Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro, the smartphone app that at least still allows mobile devices to be used in cars, via the dashboard infotainment system.

Android Auto – Adobe Stock

It was created by Big G in 2015, part of it Open the Automotive Alliance, Developed in collaboration with 28 car manufacturers and IT technology providers for mobile applications. We’re talking about the past because, obviously, Android Auto credits for smartphones are scrolling.

A few weeks ago, Google started showing a warning on devices that have Android Auto installed for phone screens, announcing to “Androidians” that the application is nearing completion.

Android Auto, technical deactivation test

Android Auto 20220622 Cell 2
Android Auto – Adobe Stock

Confirmation that we, perhaps, come directly from users who still rely on Android Auto for phones: the application has actually stopped working on several devices, and if any user wants to restart it, it is on the Android Auto settings page. Redirects.

Google Comes to the rescue, explaining that Android Auto is only available on car screens, thus telling users that the only way to use it is to connect the mobile device to a compatible head unit.

It’s not completely over, but it’s clear that we’re close to it. Its goal Google Indicates driving mode with all users Google Assistant. Designed specifically to replace Android Auto for smartphones, the new driving mode uses a familiar interface and provides easy access to phone calls, messages, music playback, and more.

In many ways, Drive Mode is an evolutionary version of Android Auto for phones, but that doesn’t mean it’s ready for a full-time replacement. But inevitably something new has to come.

Many, many users have complained about the most different problems and limitations of a more complex application with the loss of Android Auto for mobile phones.

For the time being, the death certificate, at least officially, has not yet been issued, so if the app still works on any device, it’s only a matter of time: the revocation will probably happen slowly.

Soon the application will stop working, and nothing can be done to revive it. The only option, right now, might be the new driving mode today, to make sure you’re up to date when it’s time to change everything. Goodbye Android Auto.

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