What happened to “squeezable” phones: the end of one of Android’s best features



It was 2017 and Android had a very useful function that, no one knows why, got lost in the rain… Bring back ‘Edge Sense’!

What happened to the mobile? "squeezeable": Ending one of the best features of Android

Things happen so fast in this industry Sometimes we forget what we love And made our life easier that option ‘edge money’ That’s the HTC premiere One of the last best of what was an improvement package for an interesting but unsuccessful HTC U11 five years ago flagship.

The truth is that we were all surprised at the time Edges that can be squeezed And it takes advantage of the innovative 2.5D curved glass and screen ‘end to end’ To perform various tasks Fully configurable by just pressing the phone.

HTC's 'Edge Sense' feature

This is how the ‘Edge Sense’ option appeared on HTC phones.

The show was so good ‘edge money’ Which is the HTC U11 and other mobile phones from the Taiwanese manufacturer Although exclusive to mobile, it has jumped natively to Android Made by GoogleThe Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have quietly disappeared recently.

Actually, it is that Google has inherited the mobile squeeze gesture And seeing the Asian’s winning bet, he doubles it, integrating the back double touch as well Always with the action of invoking the assistant As the main hero.

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Even at that time Apps emerge within the community which allows users of other mobiles to configure similar gestures ‘edge money’ For Samsung Galaxy and other phones in the Android catalog, With the possibility to choose other actions On Google Pixels.

The most popular formula was, in fact, quite simple, viz Press the mobile to turn on the flashlightActivate or deactivate the alarm, put the mobile in silent or ‘do not disturb’ mode or Quick opening camera Don’t press the button.

Why Google and other manufacturers abandoned the idea of ​​squeezable edges is like answering the question why pineapple sugars are blue, and no one understands… We want the edge sense back!

HTC Edge Sense

Introducing ‘Edge Sense’ with great fanfare courtesy of HTC.

These apps, like Side squeeze or your own Edge Sense D HTC continue to be Available for free on Play StoreAlthough without support or updates for several years We cannot expect them to work reliably On all devices or with newer versions of Android.

To some users this will seem silly and another padding option that was used more as a marketing ploy than anything functional, but many othersWhich includes myself, They will miss this squeezable edge Yes, the manufacturers or Google itself will return them to us so that we can Open things or perform actions with a simple gesture Handshake with smartphone.

Or are you going to tell me that you don’t see them as useful or that you don’t miss them if you use them?


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