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With Age of Empire IVThe season ranked for the first time in a few days on June 30th is over, we thought it was time to celebrate! So we’ve got the gift of news – including an update to the second season, mentioned earlier in our post. HereAs well as a quick overview of what we’ve heard from you over the last few months and how we plan to take action on what we’ve heard in the third season, temporarily planned for the October / November period!

Before we start, however, we would like to thank all of our players who have participated in Season One: Festival of Ages over the past few months. You’re fighting to win the ranking ladder, collecting prizes with our seasonal events, or creating modes for yourself and others to enjoy.

Not only has our modding community released more than a thousand mods since the release of Season One Update on April 7M, But our more than 42,000 competitors have made their mark on the ranked Season One leaderboards. Keep it up – we appreciate your feedback and will continue to hear your feedback on how we can improve. Age IV Experience!

Season two: Just on the horizon

We’ve shared a bit about Season Two in March, and we’ve said here today that features like the Map Preference system, fully removable input and player color picker are coming their way in July… with some more exciting changes!

Those of you who have participated in our recent public update preview have already had the opportunity to test some of these features (and thanks for the feedback, however!) Here’s an overview of some of what you might expect:

  • Introduction Player color picker! You requested it, and it’s almost here. With this new setting, players can choose a color or randomly assign a color at the beginning of a match that will show single-player collisions, multiplayer custom matches, quick matches, and ranked matches between games and mini-maps.
  • Based on your feedback, we continue to refine the hotkeys to make sure you can customize and play as you wish. In the second season, we will present the new one Fully removable hotkey layoutAs well as changing how hotkey conflicts work and rearranging remapping menus to make hotkeys easier to find.
  • For some time, we’ve heard community requests for ways to give players feedback on the maps they play in quick play and ranked multiplayer matches. With this update, we are adding the first version of our aMap selection systemThis will give you an effect on the map that you will encounter while playing the ladder. When the Season Two update is released, we’ll share the FAQ and other details on how the system works!
  • Speaking of maps, we will be introducing a brand new map in the second season, called The Pit! This map has a competitive focus with most open formats.

We have a lot more to share in the coming weeks, including significant balance changes, new seasonal event prizes and our Season Two theme!

With all this and more coming Age of Empire IV Soon, this is the perfect time to join in the fun! Age IV Today, Featured at the Steam Summer Sale starting June 23rdrdAnd available with PC Game Pass or Ultimate.

Season Three: What’s Still To Come

At the start of the first season, we sent out a player survey asking Lots Questions about how our players felt about the update and requesting guidance on our next steps. In some cases, your feedback has legitimized some of the work we already do (such as the Map Preferences system), and in other cases, your feedback has helped us change our priorities.

One thing we learned is that we have a lot of players who like to rank in theory but like to have fun with others. As a result of that response, we have prioritized the introduction of our first iteration of a ranked team in three seasons. Based on other lessons learned from the survey, we will explore some more meaningful changes to the rankings and have also started preliminary discussions on what we can do to give players more opportunities to enjoy. Age IV In more social and less competitive ways.

We’ll also introduce you to two features you’ve been asking for for a while: Tonts and Chits! Although our starting point with Tonts and Cheats is heavily inspired by what you’ve seen and experienced before. Age Title, we would like to expand this space as we go. When it comes to cheats, we’ll offer some of what you’ve seen in the past, as well as some new things – both functional and fun. When it comes to unique units, we hope that after the first offer of our cheats release we will ask you for your input so that we can continue to entertain.

And of course, that’s a small peek at what it’s going to be like. There Lots We look forward to sharing more with you as Season Three approaches.

Tell us how we are doing

We’ve been asking for your feedback since before the launch Age of Empire IV, And we still don’t plan to stop! Here’s a quick reminder of how you can help shape our direction:

  • In the short term, share your thoughts with us Official Age Forum!
  • Our Season Two Public Update Preview (PUP) ended recently, but we’re planning for more! Become one Age Insider to stay up-to-date about when the next PUP is coming.
  • If you like the sound of the Season One survey, don’t worry: we did too! We thought it was a powerful tool to hear from all of you; We’ve learned a lot from your feedback and continue to plan based on what you’ve said beyond what we’ve covered in this post. To make sure we hear from all of you, we’ll send another survey shortly after the Season Two update is released. Let us know how you feel about the new features and content, and what you want to see in the future.

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