What is a campfire? Explain Niantic’s AR social network



(Pocket-Lint) – Niantic is the world’s leading producer of augmented reality mobile game, the most famous title being Pokemon Go.

As these games require players to navigate the real world, it has become common to organize meetups, in-game raids, and tournaments using existing platforms such as Discord and Reddit.

Now, though, Niantic is building its own social platform for this purpose and it’s called Campfire. So, let’s dive in and find out what a campfire is.

What is a campfire?

Campfire is a companion app that will work with all of Niantic’s AR experience, including Pokemon Go, Pikmin Bloom and the upcoming Transformers: Heavy Metal and Peridot games.

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Niantic says the app starts with a map and adds people, events, communities and messaging. In some ways, it’s like Snapchat Snapchat uses real-time location data for socialization purposes.

Campfire will allow you to discover other players in your local area, message each other, share content, and organize events and meetups. Niantic wants it to be a “real-world metavars homepage.”

“Here Niantic gaming communities have already been created around the world, with thousands of enthusiastic adventurers. These local groups already exist,” Niantic CEO John Hank said at his Lightship Summit.

“We’re providing a platform for players to better manage their activities and find these groups of players. Basically, we’re providing some tools for these users to make all this smoother and easier.”

By launching Campfire, Niantic’s goal is to provide a way to discover new creations designed to make the real world a more magical and entertaining place.

When can I use a campfire?

No date has been set on the rock at the moment, but the feature is live in Niantic’s development build and the company says it will soon come to all Niantic experiences.

We will update this article as soon as we know more.

Written by Luke Baker.


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