WhatsApp, a new feature of chat, is really amazing and all users will have it



WhatsApp is now the ubiquitous companion of millions of people who literally use it every moment of the day. The world’s most famous messaging app has truly beaten its competitors and is used both for personal and business purposes and for exchanging photos, videos and even documents. There are countless times where, throughout the day, we log into the app to check messages almost obsessively, a sign that it’s now truly part of everyday life.

Mark Zuckerberg We met when he announced his company’s name change in a tweet metaWhich is like all apps involved Facebook and WhatsApp: “We are at the beginning of a new era for the Internet and our company. I was studying classics and the word ‘meta’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘after’. For me, it symbolizes that there is always more to build and there is always a next chapter in the story. Ours is a story that started in a dorm room and grew beyond what we could have imagined; In a family of apps that people use to connect with each other, find their voice and start activities, communities and movements that have changed the world”.

News on WhatsApp
News on WhatsApp (Canva)

Specialized site Webtinfo has released an update on the world’s most used messaging app and it’s really amazing. After releasing a new feature that allows some users to implement a Blur effect In images (which we talked about a few days ago), WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature in desktop beta.

News on WhatsApp, group chat

WhatsApp, like all apps, has Constantly studying and updating, to improve the user experience and its greater usability and speed. This news concerns the future updates of the app in terms of group chats.

Group chat on WhatsApp
Group Chat on WhatsApp (Canva)

In the article on WhatsApp beta update for iOS, the site talks about a New feature under development: profile photos of group participants within their group. WhatsApp plans to introduce these profile icons next to message bubbles in future updates to the iOS beta app. The feature is still being developed in WhatsApp beta for iOS, but the beta is for the desktop app When you receive a message in a group, group members’ profile photos will appear.

in case Group member does not have a photo Unavailable due to the profile or its privacy settings, it will be displayed Default profile icon And it will be colored using the same color as the contact name. This seems to be only an aesthetic identification, but it can be very useful for identifying people who sent a message or with whom you are communicating. As it is still under development, it is not yet known when the new feature will be released to users.


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