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News kept coming on the WhatsApp front. The team of developers has just released a new feature linked to the last access visible to other users

Even today WhatsApp Considered the number one messaging platform in the world, much of it is due to the continuous work by a team of developers. The idea is to provide a service Updated as much as possible And step by step over time, which can meet the needs of users in all cases.

Thanks to the latest WhatsApp updates, it will be possible to hide your last access to only a certain number of contacts (Adobe Stock).

Precisely in this regard, in the last few hours it has finally been released A very useful feature About controlling one’s privacy. You will be able to keep some of your own limitations Last access, Thanks for the option “Without my contact”. The tool was previewed last April, when it was released in beta.

WhatsApp, last login This feature is not only visible to some users

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The feature is going through a global rollout and will soon be available to everyone, even in Italy (Adobe Stock).

At least until today, when you decide not to make your login visible, there are three options: Everyone, not my acquaintances or anyone. With the new update now running worldwide, you too will be able to choose “Without my contact” This way users will have more capillary control for absolute respect for personal privacy. The feature will actually allow you to disable access only for certain people, also blocking Profile pictures, personal information and status for personal users.

To access the new settings immediately, just click Account and then privacy. It is advisable to access the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to check if the latest updated version of the app is already available. If not, we will have to wait a few more days. This is the latest in a series of features introduced by the Zuckerberg giant to protect users’ privacy. And there are many more in the pipeline that potentially, Will see the light next month.

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