WhatsApp, an incredible secret discovered: this trick changes everything



WhatsApp is undoubtedly the number one messaging platform in the world. Mostly recognized for its various features, it actually hides a lot more. One can change things forever

If you want to text someone, send multimedia content, call, video call and more, WhatsApp It’s always the right choice. The world’s number one messaging platform continues to boast record numbers today, with millions of users connecting every day To use the Service.

whatsapp 20221028 cellulari.it
WhatsApp has a cool trick that lets you talk to anyone (Adobe Stock)

To many announcement Already launched in the course of 2022, there are many more “hidden” and which should see the light in the coming months. Some of them are very interesting. At the same time, they also exist Some interesting tricks And it could change your platform usage forever. One of them is amazing!

WhatsApp, you will surprise anyone with this trick

whatsapp 20221028 cellulari.it
You don’t even need the telephone number of the person you want to contact. It is already available in another free software (Adobe Stock).

To be able to talk to another person WhatsAppThere is a basic requirement: He has a phone number. Once received and saved in the address book, you will find the desired contacts in the automatic list that the platform offers you when you want to start a new conversation. But have you ever thought that you can talk to other people without knowing their telephone number? At least officially it is not possible. But when it all changes strategy We are going to talk to you.

You need to download an external app, free and completely safe. is called Truecolor And, once you install it on Android or iPhone, it will give you options Look up virtually any phone number. Only the name and surname of the desired person should be entered. TrueCaller is software that also offers paid solutions to access additional tools. A monthly subscription costs just €1.99 and gives you access to all sections of the app.

But already with standard version, However, you should be able to easily find the desired telephone number. After adding it to the address book along with name and surname, you will find it in the WhatsApp list when you need to start a conversation. Nothing could be simpler, a trick that few people know and that can completely revolutionize the normal functioning of the service, which is based on mutual knowledge between two contacts. Who decides to start a chat.


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