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This is an app on WhatsApp for macOS in the form of sviluppo è ormai certo. Nelle ultime ore sono spuntati importanti aggiornamenti a tal proposito

WhatsApp è The message on the message platform used magically in the world. Your mobile phone is on your desktop. The best way to get rid of clutter, which is to save time for foreign alternative solutions and proprietary utilities. It is not easy multi-device, which allows you to use an account on your disposable account. You need to be aware of any smartphone.

This is an important update for those who add the WhatsApp application to macOS (Adobe Stock)

Ma anche The official application for Windows, based on the Universal Windows Platform and lanciata nel’ltimo anno in a version version zero. Stand up to how many references are made to WABetaInfo, a brand that will deliver even more The version for MacOS. E porterà con sé diverse novità inedite.

WhatsApp for macOS, one of the ultimate new emerges

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Free WABetaInfo now offers the possibility to use a beta version (Unsplash)

The latest features of WABetaInfo are now available in the latest version of a beta dell version ‘WhatsApp app for macOS, sviluppata con Mac Catalyst. Stands as much as I can, which is first and foremost codice QR The subscription with the proprietary smartphone tram application. IOS and Android. Fatu ciò, sàrà il programma stesso a procedere con el collegamento dell’account e il transfirmento di tutti i dati. Procedure that solicits requests second.

You can see that the team of Sviluppatori Abbia Lavrato in a series of migraines, from the point of view of Vista dell ‘usable che dell ‘interfaccia. Not only do we have to look forward to seeing more and more, but more accuracy per line in line with the typical look of Apple products. Non sono emerse information in merit a Possible date of lancio a livello globale. Considering that we are already in the closed beta phase, we will be in the case of attendees before the first rollout. The temptations needed to permeate agli sviluppatori di curare ogni minimo dettaglio e lanciare un prodotto why bugs or errors on the tip. Not to be outdone are the newcomers to the part of the Colossus of Zuckerberg.

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