Whatsapp: Big news coming soon No more problems with your calls


WhatsApp is gearing up to be filled with news. According to what has emerged, the messaging platform will soon welcome new features that have been very useful and requested by customers over the past months.

WhatsApp It is still considered the number one messaging platform in the world. Despite all the years that it brings with it and intense competition like Colossus Telegram. The team of developers, always attentive, has certainly contributed to the growth of this phenomenon over time Keep application up to date.

More news coming on WhatsApp. The latest is available in the latest beta released for Android (Adobe Stock).

And so will the future, at least according to the rumors and rumors that have surfaced in recent times. In particular, it seems that a completely new and very useful feature for everyone should come soon. It was found Beta version Released a few hours ago on devices with installed Android.

Whatsapp, all details of latest news coming

Just a few months ago, one Beta version of WhatsApp for iOS Revealed a convenient functionality to everyone. In other words, the possibility of detecting when the device is activated Do not disturb modeso that users can see a notice that provides information in this case A call was missed or a specific message. Now everything can be extended to Android as well. Just a few hours ago, in fact, beta version was released which – among other things – can boast this additional functionality.

WhatsApp 20220924 cellulari.it
Here’s what you need to know about it, stay tuned for news on release timing (Adobe Stock)

WABetaInfo experts take care of revealing everything, who were able to give their hands in advance to the implementation studied by the company’s development team. So he For devices with a green robot An alert will automatically be generated if the user is searched while in Do Not Disturb mode. The other party will not know that the call is lost because the above function is active.

As of today, however, everything is still standing Under development So it is premature to think about the possibility release time Several times over the years, innovative tools have emerged on WhatsApp that have been slow to arrive, or even sent back to the “pipeline”. We will see if the work is already underway this time and we can think about releasing a stable version by the end of the year. More news will surely pop up In the next few weeks.

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