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Communicating without WhatsApp is now normal, and most people use this instant messaging app to talk to their contacts, but also for work. With WhatsApp in practice, everything is done. The times of SMS seem really far away, and even those who propose to use simple messages to communicate are considered almost an alien.

Short for plain SMS Short Message Service, They have been the strong point of messaging on mobile phones for years, being widely used until the advent of the Internet. Everyone will remember the race of offers to receive more messages targeting the one dedicated to unlimited messages which represents the top for everyone. A time of the past, because now apps like WhatsApp have a monopoly on messaging.

WhatsApp (Photo Canva)

Compared to old text messages,‘Using WhatsApp, For those who are going to this type of communication for the first time, it is definitely different and much more “demanding”. Everything is due to the Internet, which allows and permits very rapid evolution and updating of services; In reality, you don’t have time to learn anything before the news arrives immediately.

WhatsApp chat, have you noticed this feature?

Since WhatsApp has existed, in short, until now Classic text messages are virtually obsoleteIf not by some people who do not use the network, or are still tied to old models of mobile phones, or are not interested in using them.

WhatsApp function in chat
WhatsApp function in chat (Canva)

Text messages obviously had very few internal features compared to modern instant messaging applications, and because of this they are no longer practical and useful. When we use WhatsApp or any similar app, we have options Communicate with someone, but above all in different ways, sharing all kinds of material.

Although WhatsApp is always evolving and updating, many of us don’t use, or better still don’t know, some of them. Functions that are already present in the app from the start. Let’s talk about a simple chat, where we are communicating with another contact (or more contacts in the group). Not everyone noticed, though When we start typing a word, we can Decide to do it in different graphics modesBut not only.

In fact, within the chat, there is a possibility to open a window to choose some functions in the menu. In the photo we show you, there are only a few functions, from a graphical point of view, that allow you Change text and type it eg bold, italic, strikethrough, monospaced. How to do? Very simple.

If you go to the chat and start typing the word or text you want to send, click Inside the chat space itself, And bar with text will be displayed “Paste” “Undo” “Select All”. click on Select all And on the right you will find 3 vertical dots symbol; Click again, and a drop-down menu will open, with The following entry: Paste, Undo, Share, Clipboard, Office, Outlook, Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Monospace.

Now it is possible to select the selected function, and here is the possibility to activate something different and very useful when using chat. In addition to the graphical options we mentioned, there are possibilities to insert notes or open Office or Outlook. A different way to chat using all the features of WhatsApp that you have ignored till now.

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