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WhatsApp has introduced a new function in group calls: now it is possible to mute people, send messages to individual participants, and soon, meta-announced, it will be possible to have more control over your personal data, so that you can choose who it will be. Able to imagine them and to whom they would be obscure. Here is the news.

New WhatsApp notification feature for chat participant access with the ability to mute audio

Last week WhatsApp announced the launch of exciting new dedicated features Group chatThey be for Video call Up to a maximum of eight o Voice meeting Up to a maximum of 32 people at once.

As announced by Will Catchcart – Head of WhatsApp – On Twitter, “You can now on WhatsApp The sound is silent o Send messages to specific people Time for a call (great if someone forgets to mute!) And we’ve added one Indicator Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

The new index announced by Catchcart shows itself as one Banner / notification, So it makes it very easy to identify a new participant’s entry. Send as well Direct message This has been made easier for certain people, where the exchange of notes and comments is possible in a two-way way and without the other participants being able to read them.

WhatsApp announcements about other upcoming features

New WhatsApp GroupCalls ComputerMagazine.it June 21, 2022
WhatsApp also announces new privacy-dedicated feature along the way – ComputerMagazine.it

Last Friday, WhatsApp announced other features that are now in the development team under the supervision of Catchcart. Work And it will be done soon Available Meter messaging service.

Starting from the possibility of choosing which contacts they can draw on their own Personal informationSuch as your profile photo, your status, and the date and time of the last visit and activity, so that one can take action. More privacy For users.

Finally, another notable recent news (and highly anticipated by Android users switching to iOS): After Apple granted users last year Data transfer Their conversation on the device AndroidThis week WhatsApp applied the opposite of the same possibility, which is from Android IPhone.

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